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We've been working with Randy and Sharon for a year and I have recommended them to family and friends. They are always on time, communicative and flexible. They are efficient and leave the place shining and smelling great. We have had many cleaners in the past that we just didn't feel were very trustworthy. I feel like Randy and Sharon are friends of the family and I trust them with my home and my dog (who also loves when they come for their bi-weekly visit). I'm so happy we found them!

Alex B. Portsmouth, RI


It has been a pleasure and a relief to use A SPiFFY clean for the last few years. They continue to impress with their cheery disposition and thorough and quick cleaning. It amazes me how much they get done so quickly! After trying different services before them, Sharon and Randy secured my trust by always showing up, always doing a great job, and locking up when they leave. It took about 3 months of bi-weekly visits until my house attained a level of clean that was easy for me to maintain between their service calls. Now for years, the house never is dusty or dirty. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for local, reasonably priced, great service.

Michael C, Middletown


I have worked with Randy and Sharon for over 2 years. They are extremely reliable, fairly priced and most important, trustworthy. I often have them in when I am not home, leaving my keys. Also great with my dogs, they will let them in or out if we aren't able to be here for the whole time. They are friendly and personable, chatting with me my husband and me while working. I would definitely recommend them and am happy I found them. I haven't taken my vacuum out in 2.5 years!

Janet K, Newport RI


My husband and I also started using A Spiffy Clean recently a little over a month ago on a bi-weekly basis, and we have found them to be reliable, professional reasonably priced and thorough. In the 3 times, they have been here so far, they have done a great job and really seem to care. That makes a huge difference to us and we can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Romana W, Newport RI


I have just started using these folks, and they are great! They do whatever I ask them to do. From regular cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms to even making the beds. They are very friendly and whatever my needs are they try to meet them, and have so far. I really highly recommend them. I have them on a weekly basis, which is a special price they told me for weekly service. They always come on the same day and on time.

Again, I highly recommend them.

Stephanie R, Portsmouth RI


I have been using A Spiffy Clean for several months now on a weekly basis and cannot say enough great things about them; they are punctual, very friendly, thorough, and they do anything I need them to do. They always meet my needs and show attention to detail. They have become essential in my very busy life! I totally recommend them.

Jennifer M, Newport RI


Randy and Sharon of A Spiffy Clean have been working for me for several years now. My pets regard them as part of the family...the part that cleans, in addition to offering love and attention! They work hard, efficiently and are as dependable as the rising sun. Of all the teams of house cleaners I've used over the past 30 years in three different homes in CT, NY and now RI, they are the easiest to work with and totally responsive to any suggestions or particular needs I have. They are also not shy to suggest something I might not have thought of. We have a great working relationship and I completely trust them to get the job done every week.

Melissa B, Newport RI


We just started using SPIFFY for the last three weeks. I have them coming once a week on Saturdays. I have gone through many cleaning services in the last few months. I am very particular. These folks meet my needs and more! They are always on time, as well as being very flexible about changing my scheduled time if I needed to. They do the usual cleaning of my home and if I have additional tasks they just add it to the days work. They go above and beyond my expectations in their cleaning. The price is very reasonable as well. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent cleaning service.

Mil K, Portsmouth RI

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